Wide Angle Yoga

strength / flexibility / tone / balance

Morning Yoga Practice

Getting up an hour earlier since I've returned from India to practice Ayurvedic routines has jump started my morning yoga practice into an earlier time slot and I love how Ayurveda is enhancing every aspect of yoga for me.

This is how the extra hour combines Ayurveda and yoga with time for 20 minutes to shower. After the first 15 minutes or so of Ayurveda principles (shared on last Thursday's post), I go straight to my yoga mat. Keeping morning yoga fresh simply requires a little switch up with postures, however, I usually begin standing at the top of my mat with some overhead arm stretches then follow with lunges, Down and Up Dog and standing flow series of Warriors and Triangles. Then some balance practice maybe Tree or Eagle. 10 breaths on each leg with eyes open, then 10 breaths with eyes closed. Next, Headstand for at least 3 minutes and 10 breaths in Child's Pose. (Dolphin/Dolphin Plank flow and more time in Child's Pose would work well here, too.) Then, Boat and oblique twists followed by Bridge and Wheel before a couple of minutes in Savasana. A lot of yoga can be practiced in 20 minutes! And that's it before I hop in the shower.

Just a little planning the night before makes all the difference in how to begin each morning for a good day every day.


But that's so early . . .

Getting up between 4:00 and 6:00a.m., before the sun rises, sets the body in tune with the rhythm of the day. Really. The Earth's extremely low frequency waves in the atmosphere during this auspicious time of the day are of the same frequency as the brain in a meditative state. Try it. You will find that you have time for yoga, a leisurely shower or bath, time to prepare a healthy breakfast and time for other personal activities. It's so worth the effort to set the alarm even 30 minutes earlier to experience the vast rewards that come from giving a little extra time for yourself early in the morning.