Wide Angle Yoga

strength / flexibility / tone / balance

A little something new . . .

Just one alteration in a morning routine will set into motion a ripple effect of positive change that can actually heal and revitalize your life. Try adding a little something new into your morning with one, some or all of these traditional Ayurvedic principles.

1. Wake up before the sun rises.

2. Splash your face with cool water 7 times.

3. Scrape your tongue with 7 swipes 3-4 times. (rinse scraper between each time)

4. Brush your teeth with Neem toothpaste.

5. Floss.

6. Swish and gargle with sesame oil.

7. With your index finger, counter clockwise massage your gums.

8. Practice yoga for 20 minutes.

9. Before your shower or bath, give yourself a warm sesame oil body massage.

10. Meditate for 10 minutes.

11. Apply perfume as you dress.

12. Have herbal tea and fruit for breakfast.

Have a happy and healthy new year!