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Bringing Yoga Home

Traditional yoga practice is the only form of physical activity that promotes proper function of all systems of the body. This fact alone is the reason to add yoga into your life at home, especially if you have a routine of other physical activities. Learn how to care for yourself through body awareness during even a basic yoga practice. Your body will let you know where you are tight and where you are weak to give notice of the existence of needed attention before real injury or illness becomes a reality. Yoga will relieve tension in tight muscles to help protect joint mobility, prevent injury with proper alignment in poses specific to your sport and give you the ability to understand your own body language with the knowledge you gain from consistent yoga practice. You can avoid the onset of problems by knowing which yoga postures bring relief when your body first begins to feel out of sync and how to use yoga for an existing injury or illness to gain a personal awareness on why the ancient practice of traditional yoga is a modern day healing art.

Yoga classes once or twice a week instill conscientious habits of proper alignment for home practice. At Wide Angle Yoga, individual attention is given in each class to build confidence in how and why to practice postures for full benefits. New classes are scheduled with 2 free classes on the 8 class pack. I'll look forward to seeing you soon! - Debra