Wide Angle Yoga

strength / flexibility / tone / balance

Yoga After Work or Workouts

Even as little as 20 minutes a day of yoga practice when you come home after work or any strenuous activity will significantly improve your life. Stretching, balancing, practicing proper alignment and restorative poses can all be practiced independent of each other. Try breaking yoga practice into 4 sections of 5 minute increments.

Maybe something like this:


1. When you get home - Standing Forward Fold, Down Dog or Cobra, Child's Pose


2. While dinner is cooking or doing some laundry - Tree Pose and Warrior III

Proper Alignment

3. While you are watching TV - Warrior II, Triangle and Half Moon against the wall


4. Before bed - Staff Pose with legs up the wall (1 hour before sleep)

Try incorporating yoga into your routines at home to know just how good it feels!