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Want a Little Balance in Your Life?

It's a challenge some days to find steady ground. A deadline at work is approaching, your dog gets into the garbage just as you're leaving for work (on time), some gum finds it's way to the bottom of your shoe, your boss puts another project on your desk, you're too busy for lunch, the dinner you carefully prepared, burns while you catch up on a little laundry . . . life . . . happens. Stress develops in our minds, then tension begins building inside, effecting all internal systems. 

Practicing balance postures on your yoga mat, or in your living room, kitchen or bathroom, can make a BIG difference on how these unsettling events effect your health. Begin a daily practice of standing on one leg at a time with or without the support of a wall, countertop or chair. Keep your breath full and slow. Try holding balance in any variation of Tree Pose for 1 minute at a time then increase to 2-3 minutes on each leg. Sure, your feet, ankles and knees get stronger, your legs develop long lean muscles. your glutes get toned, your belly smooths out and your posture improves but it's what happens to your central nervous system that wins out with balance practice.

Keeping balance is more than concentrating on maintaining Tree Pose with a some dignity. Balance postures help us sustain the ability to maintain a calm demeanor that guards our emotions against negative reactions to outside pressures. We can't know what each day will bring, but with practice in balancing postures, we really can find more balance in our lives. Balance in just being is the fundamental basis of a well-lived life.

WAY Studio balancing classes include inversions that build strength, mental clarity and steadiness on and off the yoga mat. Balance/Inversions Class, Wednesday nights at 6:30p.m.

I hope to see you soon! - Debra